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Two Poems: "On A Winter's Day" & "If I"

Well I thought any and all of you out there in radio land could use just a little change of pace. I seem to have been spewing a lot lately, backed by anger, and a strict diet of that is not good for anyone, reader or writer. So for your amusement I thought I'd offer up some poetry. Enjoy. (Of course this could also be seen as a cynical ploy to get you to check out my store and maybe buy some of my work, so be it.)

On a winter's day

On a winter's day
when the crows were migrating
an icicle dripped onto
the roof of a bird feeder.
sunlight illuminated each
precious drop and
cast long fingered tree
shadows across snow
covered ground.

At times like these
its not hard to believe
in the impermanence of man.

Sitting quiet by a window
to the world,
recalling primordial time,
and felling like an honoured observer
of how thins should be.

There is always something to be
thankful for.

If I

If I breathe
the same air
as you,

if I see
the same moon
as you,

if I hear
the same bird
as you,

if I smell
the same flower
as you,

are we lovers?

when you touch me
we share a breath,
a sight,
a sound,
a scent,

are we joined?

If the tide
of your pulse
ebbs and flows
to my
gravity's pull

and if
your heart puts
forth roots to my rain

and if
I bring
forth shoots form your soil,

are we not one.

Well I hope you enjoyed them. Have a good night



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