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Vanity PetsHere we go the

Vanity Pets

Here we go the latest in stupidity from the human race. Vanity pets. I can't think of another name for it. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the breeding of domestic cats with breeds of wild African cats to breed an expensive exotic pet for those bored sociallites who have more money then sense. There can't be any other reason then status for owning one of these animals, what with the huge numbers of domestic cats already being put down because of lack of homes it certainly isn't because there's such a pressing need to create more breeds for people to have as pets.

Why do we continue to mess with nature. Time and time again we have proven that when we start directly interfering in the evolutionary process we screw things up royally. Just look at what we have done to sustain the various strains of domestic cattle: destroyed massive amounts of rain forest in Brazil so that McDonald's can have grazing for it's herds, committed cultural genocide through the destruction of North American Buffalo herds so ranchers could run their cattle, and turned massive tracts of delicate grasslands in Africa into wastelands through over grazing. All because some bright light decided it would be a good idea to domesticate cattle. Cow meat and cow dairy products are not even eaten by a good portion of the world's population: 60% or more people of colour are lactose intolerant, either to the point of not being able to drink milk or to not being able to ingest any dairy.

In that instance at least they had the excuse that they believed they were coming up with a viable source of food, but in the case of cross breeding animals for the sake of new breeds of pets what other excuse do they have except for simple greed. It's just another example of people believing that nature is there for them to exploit, not an equal partner in existence. This is the attitude that has got us into the predicament that we are presently in. Worrying about the state of the ozone layer, whether there is enough food to feed all the mouths on the planet, wondering when the supply of fresh water will run out, and watching species after species of animal and plant die off on a daily basis.

We can not continue on this path for very much longer with out risking the destruction of all life on this planet. Vanity pets may seem like a it has nothing to do with that risk, but they are just the tip of the iceberg of our selfish and short sighted view of nature. Is it any wonder that people who care about the environment and animal rights are turning to more and more desperate actions? When nobody listens you have to figure out a way to shout louder.

cheers gypsyman


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